Giving Back to Your Community – 10 the Podcast

What does it take to be a good member of a community? How often should you give back? How much should you take from a community? What do you do with people that only take and don’t give back?

I try to answer these questions. I probably fail and sound like an idiot.

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Edmunds Smashes a $50K F-150 with a Sledgehammer

The folks over at wanted to test the durability of aluminum in the New Ford F-150 so they thought it would be cool to smash it with a sledgehammer. The nastiest part of this video is the repair bill.

Two things:

1. If Edmunds doesn’t want this truck any more I’ll take it.

2. I want to take a sledgehammer to cars and trucks for a living.

Your Thing Matters

That thing that you just made. It matters. That idea. It’s important. Right now, it only matters to you. Once you can demonstrate its value it will matter to more people. Find the value in your thing and demonstrate it to others.

P.S. I just learned a lot of cool things that I can do with a rubber band from this video.