“My Happiness” by Elvis Presley Digitized From Original Acetate Recording

I’m not a huge audiophile. I’m also not a huge Elvis Presley fan (though I’m told I do a pretty good imitation). I like many of his songs and own the Elvis 56 CD compilation that was produced in 1996 which I feel is one of the best compilations ever made.

This video¬†showing the process of digitally transfering Elvis’ first recording at Sun Studios marks a milestone in music history.

There’s so much character in the recording from the pops and sizzles of the acetate to the full sound that only vinyl can capture. Wow.

“A Star Curiously Singing” by Kerry Nietz Book Review

Imagine if you had access to the world’s data with a mere thought. The plethora of ideas and knowledge available to you would shape your life immeasurably.

Now image with that ability comes a restriction. You are free to access all the data but every thought you have must conform to a set of codes and thinking outside of the worldwide zeitgeist would result in physical pain.

That is the world of a debugger in Kerry Neitz’s fantastic cyberpunk novel A Star Curiously Singing. Continue reading “A Star Curiously Singing” by Kerry Nietz Book Review

Top of Mind Ramblings – 10 the Podcast

This time I ramble on about the future of this podcast (0:00-5:00), Christian speculative fiction (5:01-6:59), and the new Daredevil series (7:00-10:00) on Netflix.

Top of Mind Ramblings on Daredevil
Credit: Netflix, Marvel

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“Beyond the Mask” Getting Full Theatrical Release

Deadline is reporting that after a successful grassroots campaign with Gathr distribution, Beyond the Mask is getting a theatrical release in June:

After a successful, four-walling campaign in theaters across the U.S. for their faith-based feature Beyond The Mask through a distribution entity Gathr, producers have just pacted with Freestyle Releasing to distribute the film in more mainstream theaters on June 5 for traditional, weeklong runs. The film stars John Rhys-Davies (Killing Jesus, The Lord Of The Rings). The same writer of the faith-based phenoms Fireproof and Courageous, Stephen Kendrick, also co-wrote this film (and therein lies copy for the one-sheet).

If you missed the initial limited release of this film, look for it in theaters this summer. Hopefully, Burns Family Studios will earn enough to make more quality Christian films.

“Beyond the Mask”: A Revolution in Christian Film-making

Reviewing Christian films can often be very difficult. Some people think that if you speak negatively about the film you’re opposed to Christian film-making. Others think if you speak of the film in a positive light you’re praising it just because it’s a Christian film. So as a reviewer of Christian films I’m placed in a very precarious situation.

The phrase “for a Christian film” is also thrown around when referring to faith-based or family-friendly films. In some instances the use of this phrase is justified and in others it’s merely patronizing.

Beyond the Mask¬†straddles the fence for me when it comes to movie reviews. It has elements in it from blockbusters films like National Treasure and Zorro while still appealing to an audience that wants their action a little less violent and their villains evil but not crude or profane. Continue reading “Beyond the Mask”: A Revolution in Christian Film-making

“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Redbox Review

This weekend I rented Dawn of the Planet of the Apes from Redbox because Interstellar wasn’t available at the nearest kiosk.

If I was rating this move on Andy Serkis’ performance alone I’d give it a solid 5 stars. His portrayal of Caeser saves this film from the trash bin. Unfortunately, there are some things in the film that I feel made it fall short.

Note: This review is full of spoilers. You have been warned. Continue reading “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” Redbox Review