Your First Podcast Will Sound Like Crap

It’s true. Even if you have the best equipment money can buy your first podcast will sound like crap. Why? Because you’re your own worst critic.

You’ve taken the classes. You’ve bought all the recommended equipment. You put it all together just like you were instructed. Everything ran smoothly. You even took 8 hours to edit your first episode so it would sound perfect but no matter how many times you listen to it you think it sounds like crap. That’s OK. Continue Reading →


The Porsche 918 is my dream car

Watch, listen, and love.

I doubt I’ll ever own a Porsche but that won’t keep me from dreaming. This beauty is the future of supercars. Porsche claims the 918 gets about 70 mpg. Seventy!. Seven-zero miles per gallon. Knock me over with a feather! Move over Prius.


All Summa Videos

Rather than post here every time I publish a new video in my Summa Theologica series I’ll just leave the playlist here.


Summa Theologica: A Layman’s Perspective Part 1, Question 1, Articles 1-5

Here’s the first video where I actually talk about the Summa’s first question: The nature and extent of sacred doctrine. This question is the foundation of all Christian doctrine. It’s dense and thorough.

The articles discussed in this video are:

1. Whether, besides philosophy, any further doctrine is required?
2. Whether sacred doctrine is a science?
3. Whether sacred doctrine is one science?
4. Whether sacred doctrine is a practical science?
5. Whether sacred doctrine is nobler than other sciences?

Be sure to watch Ben DeBono’s video too because he’s taking a much more scholarly approach than my videos.


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