Why I Rebranded


I have decided to re-brand. I’ll no longer actively blog or podcast from here. All of my content from 2015 and select items from the archive have been moved to Struggling for Purpose.

All other items dating back to 2005 will remain as long as I can pay the bills to keep the site online.

The reasoning for the re-brand is two-fold:

1. The Jesus Geek brand is fractured. There are 2 Christian hip-hop artists who use the name “Jesus Geek”. There’s a dead .com domain whose owner has not responded to any of my requests to purchase jesusgeek dot com. There’s a dead podcast with a similar name. And an apparently a dead tech missionary group that used “jesus geek” in their branding too.

2. A .info domain no longer carries any authority. It’s simply not a trusted TLD and a .com carries more authority.┬áIt would take a mountain of SEO to overcome the negative effects of having a .info TLD.

I will continue to maintain the email address geek@jesusgeek.info so you don’t need to update your contact list but if you’ve subscribed to any of my podcasts that are currently hosted here you’ll want to make sure your pod-catcher updated via the 301 redirect I implemented.

I’m going to miss Jesus Geek. It was my online identity for such a long time. I still have my old Twitter account kicking around that I use to occasionally mention my current online projects but it sits mostly unused.

Maybe one day if I can buy the .com I’ll revive the brand but for now it will just sit here collecting digital cobwebs.