Bored? Play Pac-man

For the 30th anniversary of Pac-man, Google displayed a custom Pac-man game in place of their regular logo.  Using a really spiffy plug-in, I’m able to provide you the same retro-gaming experience here.  You can get the Google Pac-man for WordPress plugin too and install it on your blog.

Controls are simple: use the arrow keys to move the pac-man around and click the link twice to include a 2nd player (which uses the A,S,W,D keys to move around).


If you want to play with two players click the link twice.  Get ready for 255 levels of power pellet fun!

RGB to Hex Color Converter

Occasionally you will have the need to convert RGB color values to Hex color values. OK, maybe you won’t but I do.

People who are a lot savvier than I know how to do this in their heads or have really cool gizmotrons to get this done.

I’ve always turned to my good friend Google. My good friend Google always recommends

It’s a simple little bit of javascript your could put in an html file and drop somewhere on your site but I just find it hard to crush an old habit.

What about you? Do you have any simple tools that can help a fellow blogger?  Leave a comment below.