Interview with Tim Mead of Seeds for the Harvest

Seeds for the HarvestThis week features an interview with Tim Mead of Seeds for the Harvest, a ministry which seeks to assist orphanages in the Ivanovo region in Russia.

I’m very pleased to have been able to interview Tim before he left for Russia. I had originally intended to wait until next week to post this interview but when I heard he was leaving so soon I quickly changed my mind:

Tim and Karen are preparing to go to Russia for two weeks in February. While there, Tim and Karen plan on working very closely with the Ivanovo Christian Center to continue to work on their move to Russia. The plan is still to move to Russia in June of 2009.

Please consider supporting their ministry. Every little bit counts. Join their cause on Facebook, support them through prayer and if the Lord leads, give financially.

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I Didn’t Do It

Well, actually I did. You may notice that many (most, almost all) podcasts are gone from the website. That’s because I did a global search and replace that blew up all my podcast entries. I’m in the process of restoring them but it will take some time. If you come across something you’re looking for, just use the contact form above and let me know.

I also took the time to switch from the PodPress plug-in to the PowerPress plug-in. It’s better and I knew I was going to have to eventually bite the bullet. No time like the present.

Geek Tweet 003 – Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle 2In this Geek Tweet I give you the low-down on the Amazon Kindle 2.

At $389 it may seem pricey but remember, you’re also paying for a lifetime cell phone subscription that allows you to download over 230,000 wirelessly. The new Kindle 2 is about 1/3 of an inch thick and weighs about 10.2 ounces. It has 25% more battery life than the original Kindle and can hold 1,500 books. That’s plenty of room for your Dragonlance collection!

The Kindle 2 also comes with an exclusive novel from Stephen King.

With the original Kindle still on back-order, it will be interesting to see how orders for the Kindle 2 get filled.

For a more “hands-on” review, check out Engadget’s coverage of the announcement event. They have lots of photos and some video and the weigh in with their impressions.


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