Help Seeds for the Harvest buy an ebook reader

I just came across this from one of my dear online friends, Tim Mead, who is planning to move to Russia to do missions work. One of the things he needs is an ebook reader:

Seeds for the Harvest finds that we are in need of an E-Book reader (Specifically a Barnes and Nobles Nook Wi-Fi edition ($149)). Anyone willing to donate one? We just cannot carry all the books with us that we would like to (Russian language, Bible books, and of course some english reading) without going to an E-reader.

This would really help a lot. I would normally have bought this without a second thought, but I have been out of work for over 6 months, and have burned through all the savings etc… So I can no longer afford to do even something as basic as this for the ministry on my own anymore.

$149 isn’t a lot of money to raise. I think we can do it today. You can donate here:

Seeds for the Harvest is an outreach ministry that works with orphans in Russia. They are doing great work for Christ and this little hurdle shouldn’t stop them from fulfilling their mission.

Get over there and donate now! You can also join their Facebook cause and donate there too.

The Final Jesus Geek Podcast

This is the final Jesus Geek Podcast. The Wired Homeschool will continue. Thanks for sticking me in your ears.

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