Watch the Original Before You See TRON: Legacy

If you’re planning to see TRON: Legacy this weekend I recommend you see the original first.

Many of you visiting this blog you may have already seen it. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t, you’ve still got time to get it from Netflix or you can head down to your local library and borrow it from there. If you’ve still got a Blockbuster or other local video rental store the may have it too.

Even if you’ve already seen TRON once, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the story again. I’ve watched it recently so the plot is still fresh in my mind but I may still watch it again.

You’ll want to remember what Flynn and his friends were trying to prevent. Keep in mind the MCP’s attitude as well as some of the character’s more quotable lines. There are bound to be tons of Easter eggs and tributes to the original movie pop up throughout this new release.

I may even watch it again. What about you? Will you watch TRON: Legacy this weekend? Will you watch the original before heading to the theater?

Oh yeah! If you’re a GetGlue user, you’ll want to check into TRON: Legacy to earn some cool stickers!

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